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"Clarence" clarinet The clarinet photographs on this website are of an instrument made by Jess in 1989.

With the exception of the mouthpiece, every component was hand made. The body was turned from square billets of wood, the keywork was hand-forged from sheet metal.

  • Check and adjust - check for airtightness, bridge connection, crows foot adjustment, ring key height, tenon fittings.
  • Service - strip, clean, check and replace pads, springs and touch corks as required, oil the bore (on wooden instruments), oil and re-assemble keywork checking seating and regulation
    From 45
  • Repad - as for a service but replace all pads. Inspect bore and toneholes.
    95 skin pads
    120 deluxe leather pads
  • Full Overhaul - as for a repad, but replacing all touch corks, tenon corks and springs. Replating work can also be carried out as a part of an overhaul.
    From 225
  • Custom work - tuning adjustments and keywork alterations can be carried out to suit individual players' needs.
    Price on Application

"Clarence" clarinet    "Clarence" clarinet

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