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The transverse flute is one of the most recognisable of musical instruments. Originally made from wood and without keys, it arrived from the Byzantine Empire in the Middle Ages. The addition of keys to the Baroque Flute in the late 18th century increased its versatility, and led to today's modern metal flute.

Jessica Rance offers the regular maintenance that the complexity of the modern flute requires:

  • Check and adjust - Correction of minor pad seating problems and the accurate regulation of the mechanism is a common requirement to restore a flute to top playing condition.
    From £25
  • Service - as with all instruments, the flute is stripped and cleaned, pads are inspected and replaced if necessary. Touch corks and springs are replaced if necessary and tenons are checked for correct fitting. The headjoint cork is replaced. The mechanism is oiled and the instrument is carefully re-assembled, seating all pads and regulating the mechanism in the process.
    From £45
  • New Workshop Bench
  • Repad - as for a service but includes the replacement of all pads.
    95 student models
    150 professional models
  • Overhaul - as for a repad but also includes replacing all springs and corks, together with full polishing of all keywork and body tubes.
    From 225

    Dent removal and re-fitting of headjoints and footjoints are all regular jobs on the bench. Very often this work is completed as part of a service or overhaul. A good looking instrument is always a pleasure to play!

When it comes to sharing information and ideas, flute players really have got their house in order. Why not explore the world of flutes further?


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