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The saxophone is a relatively new instrument, named after its inventor Adolphe Sax who patented it in 1846.
Made in seven sizes, it generates its unique tone by combining the single reed of the clarinet with the bore and fingering patterns of the oboe. 

All saxophones are now repaired using only the highest quality Premium Deluxe Pads

  • Checkover Check pad seating and keywork regulation, adjusting as required, check the octave mechanism (possibly the most common single cause of problems on the sax!). Check crook fitting.
    25 - 30
  • Service Strip and clean the entire instrument, checking all pads, springs and touchcorks/felts, replacing as required. Oil and reassemble, checking pad seating and keywork regulation.
    75 Alto & Tenor
    80 Soprano & Baritone

  • Repad As for a service, only this time replacing all pads.
    £250 Alto & Tenor
    £300 Soprano & Baritone

Servicing and repadding can include repairs to keywork (eg taking up excessive play, at extra cost, as required)

  • Overhaul - As for repadding, but includes replacement of all springs and touch felts/corks.
    from 300 Alto & Tenor
    poa Soprano & Baritone


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