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Double Reed instruments are the most complex of woodwind instruments. The design of the bore means that much tuning has to be done by hand, whilst the mechanism requires an enquiring mind and delicate touch to set up accurately.

  • Check and adjust - for new or recently overhauled instruments. Precise pad seating and regulation are crucial!
    from 25
  • Service - strip down, clean, check and replace pads as necessary, inspect toneholes and octave boxes, oil the bore, check for cracks, oil keywork, re-assemble, seat pads and regulate.
    45 student models
    80 professional models
  • Re-pad - as for service but includes the replacement of all pads. Replace springs or touch corks as necessary.
    £95 student models
    £150 professional models

  • Lathe
  • Full overhaul - as for a repad but replacing all cork joints, touch corks and springs. Replating of the keywork can also be carried out as part of a major overhaul.
    From £300
  • General Advice - I am always happy to offer advice and help adjusting reeds. An oboe reed is a variable quantity and to get the best performance from a reed requires experience.



Two important links for any double reed player:

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